Rutina Wesley On Her Dream Role Playing Nova Bordelon in Queen Sugar

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Just when tiny doubts creep in, I get reminded! As an artist working hard to make a name for myself in the film and television world,  times definitely get hard. It doesn’t always seem like things will work out, and it can be such a long journey with few rewards along the way. A couple of months back I had the opportunity to attend part of the NABJ/NAHJ Convention in Washington, DC on behalf of the #SweetCandor TV team. After a screening of the new series Queen Sugar with the creator & director Ava Duevrnay, I was able to catch up with the lead actress Rutina Wesley who left me with these encouraging words. I wanted to share them with you.

“I just want to say I am a living example that anything is possible. It’s a lot of hard work, it’s not easy. But then things like this happen and your dreams come true and you’re working with Ava Duvernay for OWN and Oprah.”

Sending a huge thank you to Rutina for sharing her story and words of encouragement and inspiration.

Don’t forget to tune in to Queen Sugar every Wednesday at 10/9c on #OWN!



Naomi Mack is an actress, model, dancer, and tv host in Atlanta, GA. Since a young age growing up in Minnesota, Naomi always had a passion for the arts. Once she auditioned for her first play in middle school there was no turning back. From then on she joined the theatre company at her high school then took a short hiatus while running track and studying film at Kennesaw State University. If she had to choose one thing to do for the rest of her life, it would be to travel the world documenting the lives of different cultures through film to highlight and share experiences with the world. With an extreme passion for food and trying new things, you should never leave a plate around her that you don't want eaten.

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