Athletes vs. Politicians

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Since when is it OK to hold athletes to a higher standard than politicians? Why isn’t Governor Snyder speaking for the Flint Water Crisis? Why is the picture circling in the media showing¬†Cam Newton¬†in a hoodie and with a scowl on his face and not in a suit and tie like the governor? Let’s get real people, the media wants to distract you from the real problems we have in America. What are your thoughts?

Talata Davis

Talata (pronounced Tuh-Laaa-Tuh, not Ta-Lot-Ta) is a Ghanaian-American residing in the beautiful city of Atlantic Beach, FL. Aside from being a contributor to the #SweetCandorTV family and finance professional, she is also a health/fitness junkie and loves all things sweet (especially chocolate). FYI - Talata means Tuesday in Hausa :)

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