Lecrae is Shattering the “Christian” Box.

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That’s the title of Lecrae’s latest album. Lecrae Moore is a Grammy award winning Gospel and Christian rapper. Although Lecrae has been labeled a “Gospel and Christian” rapper, he’s stated publicly that he doesn’t like to be labeled.

The good book tells us not to judge one another, but as humans we sometimes find ourselves labeling one another. Last year, my husband purchased Anamoly, along with other albums from Tripp Lee on Reach Records. Surprisingly, it was located in the Hip-Hop section at a local music store in Jacksonville, Florida.

I haven’t always listened to Christian rap music but I’m a fan now. There’s a debate surrounding Christian rap music – have the beats and lyrics become secular? I think not and here’s why:

  • You have to meet people where they are. Being featured in a different genre of music such as R&B allows artists to reach those who may not know Christ. Think about the multitude of youth whose lives and attitudes can be changed if they were exposed to positive songs.
  • Do it for the True Vine. With so many viral videos being shared online, it’s time for artists and other believers to share the Gospel with the tools provided. Watch Lecrae’s Power 105.1 interview on The Breakfast Club where he shares his testimony with the world.
  • Turn up your worship. There are different genres of Christian music for believers to choose from. There’s something for the young and old. Check out a couple of artists that #SweetCandor has covered in the past, Propaganda and Christon Gray.

Here’s the #SweetTruth, Jesus is for everybody.

Do you listen to Christian rap music? Share your thoughts with us!


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