Make A Difference! Food Truck in NYC Gives Jobs to Former Inmates

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Drive Change is a nonprofit that hires formerly incarcerated youth to operate a New York City-based food truck.“We hire, teach and empower young people who are coming home from the criminal justice system,” Jordyn Lexton, founder of Drive Change, told Pix 11. Drive Change offers year-long, paid fellowships to people ages 17 to 25, which occur in three phases.

The first phase is an orientation process. Fellows obtain their food handler and safety licenses and mobile vendor licenses, and are trained by coaches of Drive Train.

Once they are fully trained and certified, fellows get a pay bump and they learn how to master all of the food truck jobs — cashier, head chef, customer service attendant and manager. They do this while also attending professional courses for social media, marketing, money management and small business development.

For the final phase, fellows work for four months at another job, typically a restaurant, while continuing their courses. During this final four-month phase, Drive Change continues to pay their wages while they work in a different setting.

“We’re being transparent about what we’re doing,” Lexton told Pix 11. “We believe that by having this really positive interaction at our truck, we might actually help to dispel some of the preconceived notions that people have about what it means to be formerly incarcerated.”

The award-winning food truck, called Snowday is known for its salty/sweet grilled cheese sandwiches. If you’re in New York, follow them on Twitter at @Snowdaytruck to see where they’ll be next.


Talata Davis

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