Kids With Disabilities Become Superheroes

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Positivity at its best! KidMob, a kid-friendly design firm is teaching kids to tackle community-based issues with skills like 3-D modeling and printing, technical drawing and using power tools. Children who have missing limbs got to swap their prosthetics for superhero cyborg arms they created themselves. “We’d like these kids to begin to solve their own problems and create their own solutions, recognizing that they have options beyond what is available on the market,” Kate Ganim, KidMob’s co-director, told. “Also, we’d love for the kids to see themselves as super-abled rather than disabled.”

Talata Davis

Talata (pronounced Tuh-Laaa-Tuh, not Ta-Lot-Ta) is a Ghanaian-American residing in the beautiful city of Atlantic Beach, FL. Aside from being a contributor to the #SweetCandorTV family and finance professional, she is also a health/fitness junkie and loves all things sweet (especially chocolate). FYI - Talata means Tuesday in Hausa :)

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