President Obama Is Making Student Debt Relief Easier For Disabled Americans

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President Obama


President Obama has provided much-needed relief to disabled Americans. Americans with total or permanent disabilities have for years qualified for loan forgiveness, but many were unaware. On Monday, the Dept. of Education announced that it would begin proactively notifying Americans who might be eligible of relief. The new approach under his Student Aid Bill of Rights, will eliminate 7.7 billion dollars in student debt for as many as 387,000 people.

Education Under Secretary Ted Mitchell stated,” Americans with disabilities have a right to student relief”. “And we need to make it easier, not harder, for them to receive the benefits that they are due.” Before these new measures, those who had applied had to be aware of the benefit and the process would take years to complete. But as of next week, thousands of disabled Americans will be notified of their status. The process will be easier to complete. But those who have loans forgiven must be aware that their government will have the right to tax all loans forgiven.

If you think you might qualify and want to apply for a TPD discharge, you must provide the information the Department needs to make a determination by completing a TPD discharge application and gathering supporting documentation that shows you are totally and permanently disabled. Depending on your situation, you will either attach the supporting documentation to your application or have your physician complete Section 4 of your application. Once everything is complete, you’ll mail the discharge application and, if required, the supporting documentation to us.

Link to Dept. of Education for more information

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