Going With the Flow: Guitars Over Guns Renders a Hero

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Go GOGO: Since 2008, Guitars Over Guns (or GOGO) has used music to “transcend cultural, religious, and social barriers”. GOGO is a non-profit that has paired professional musicians with at risk youth in metropolises like Miami and Chicago for free. Allowing young musicians to choose their unique “sound” and introducing them to various instruments teaches other outlets for emotion. GOGO has mentored over 200 students and helped with a large ascension with the mentee students in at risk areas. The GOGO mentors are all professional musicians from all walks of life, united by music.

Humble Beginnings: Founded by a father and his musician son, the Bernstein’s run the mentorship program and help the way their students change the way they see themselves and the world. The younger Bernstein, Chad, swears by the change that music has brought into his personal life. All students have a desire to fit in and the complexity of self-esteem at each age. When Chad found the trombone however, he found himself.

“As a professional musician,” Chad Bernstein says, “the disappearance of music in school upsets me because I would be lost without music.”

Most importantly, GOGO cares. The mentors spend their afternoons teaching music and ensemble work and the spend extra time getting to know the student’s families and environments. That makes a big difference.

“The best part about the program is watching these students really transform”

Chad has been celebrated on CNN’s Heros for increasing GPA, school attendance, and decreasing the dropout rates.

Their infectious remakes can be found all over the internet. Watch this, and see if you are not “Happy”.

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Vanessa Davis

Vanessa Davis is a graduate from the University of South Florida with Bachelor degrees in Political Science & International Affairs. She had the opportunity to attend the International Political Honors Program at Middlesex University in London. Vanessa has managed and lead several political campaigns at every level, from local elections to the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

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