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Confessions of a First Generation College Student

5 True Confessions Of A First Generation Student

1. Your FASA will get flagged for verification.

Okay so this might not happen to everyone but, it happened to me. Senior year of high school was a whirlwind of prom, college applications, and getting ready for graduation. A month before graduation we have an assembly on How to Fill out the FAFSA. I tried to listen but the people next to me were having a very intriguing conversation about what so and so did after prom. So I missed out of some important information about FAFSA a.k.a FREE MONEY. Trying to get verified is a long and hard process, that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy lol. I filled out the FAFSA by Jan 1st but didn’t get it complete until July 31st because my mom and I had no idea what we were doing. With the help of my schools on campus resources we got it all taken care of.

2. You will question “Is College Really For Me”

On many occasions, on the Sunday night before school in the morning I sit and think, “Is college Really for people like me?” People whose mother didn’t even graduate high school and you will talk yourself into believing you are not worthy of high education.  You will start quoting  Jay Z’s lyrics to Who Gon Stop Me ” graduated to the MoMA And I did all this without a diploma.” Then you start to question if Jay Z can reach a net-worth of 550 M without a college education, why cant you? I started to believe college was getting in the way of my success. I could be designing a new brand that would change the fashion world but, instead I have to study for a chemistry exam. But then I am rushed back to reality, when I think of all the floors I slept on has a child because my mother didn’t have a degree. Then I remember its importance.

3. You will Question your Success.

Often time I felt my self suffering from Black Super Woman syndrome, when I feel like I am older than I actually am and I have to reach my life mission now. You want to major in something that could feed you physically and spiritually. The cure to this is simple. Stop and look back on a you have accomplished thus far and take a day to reflect and clap for yourself. Secondly realize that you are still young and have your whole life still ahead of and realize your own the right track. Lastly all diamond have to go through a little pressure, heat, and molding consider it all a part of the process and in the end you come out a diamond.

4. Fear will be your new best-friend.

If you are not a little scared then your not in the right place. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing, it could also be a sign that you are closer to accomplishing your goal. I have notice that all the goals i set have a little bit of fear attached to them. just think about it, when Obama was running for president I am sure he felt lots of fear and anxiety but he did it any way and look what the end result was. Because of him we have little black boys dreaming they can be president one day. He was our real life image that it is possible and who knows you may be the Obama for your family. Lisa Nichols says take fear and doubt in one hand and passion and courage in the other and jump anyhow. One of three thing are going to happen 1. You will jump and succeed or 2. You will fall and land on something soft. 3. You will fall and land on something hard either way your going to get back up. Fear will make you do so unbelievable things but don’t let it stop you let it encourage you.

5. You will learn so much about yourself and you will love every bit of it.

Even though this only my first year at college I have learned so much about myself and its mind blowing. I know I love to eat noodles everyday, when you can nothing eat mama’s homemade meals you make do with what you have. I have become very self sufficient, before i would rely on everyone around to do things now I have the keys and I am self driven. I am very independent and like things done a certain way. I notice i am not the party animal I thought I would be in fact I rather sit in the my dorm and write down my dreams. I know I am different and I love and embrace that everyday.


   There are so many more confession I could tell you but the truth is college is meant to be stressful and put pressure on you, how else would you become the diamond you are meant to be?  There are two important days in your life when you are born and when you find your why in college is where I found my Why and I am working tirelessly trying to achieve. 

Debria Tyler

DebriaLove is a lover of all things people, culture, and art. She is a proud millennial and wants to impact her generation in a way that inspires them to be critical thinkers and active doers. Debria's writing is thought provoking and humorous. She will become your favorite carefree black girl. You will always see her with her fist up and Afro out!

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