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I did it.

I quit my “good” job .

You know, that pseudo lucrative job that everyone tells you you’re so lucky to have? Large “Fortune Top 50” company, amazing benefits, immeasurable work-life balance, an abundance of opportunity to grow and develop. All dat.

I was unhappy.

As much as I chanted affirmations and prayers on being grateful and thankful for my job, I just was not fulfilled.

There was something always pulling at my heartstring; this feeling of lack or maybe a feeling of fighting a delusion? Not sure. What I was sure of was that I needed to follow my heart. My other option would be to stay in an work environment and city that offered me nothing past my obligation to pay bills on time and live solely for the weekends and two to three weeks vacation a year. Gross.

As long as I can remember, I have always loved to travel. Growing up as an only child, one of my favorite pastimes was reading books. Many times I chose a trip to the bookstore or library over Toys R Us. Books had this magical ability to take me soaring over the Great Pyramids of Egypt, allowed me to swim with mermaids in the Great Barrier Reef, or even participate in a traditional dance in a small Kenyan village. With that, I have always carried the vision to travel the world and see these many wonders and sites when the opportunity presented itself. When I was accepted into an international studies magnet program in high school, I had the opportunity to study art history in Italy and spend three weeks all over China. Since those doors opened, I have been running down that hallway full force every since.

And so it was; I took the traditional route and went to college where I completed a duel degree program and started working as an IT Project Manager soon after. For three years, I silently endured the Corporate America “haze”, best known as “The Rat Race” while I dreamt of living a life free and ambitiously pursuing my real dreams and goals.

While I can sound like some Instagram motivational quote and tell you to just take the risk and give up everything that you have worked so hard for, it is simply not that easy. For nearly a year, I prayed, fasted, and meditated on whether or not I was making a logical and practical decision. So I began to prepare myself mentally, emotionally, financially, and most importantly spiritually. Then the day came for me to give my two weeks notice.

It felt as though a brick was taken off of my chest. It was in that moment that I knew I made the right decision. Even though I am completely stepping out of the most comfortable box I know; saying good-bye to the accolades, the benefits, and the steady paycheck – there is not one ounce of regret in my body.

So what is next?

Travel the world, document my journeys, serve, discover, be free, and leave a piece of myself in every destination I touch.


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