Successful, Single, and Dating Part 6

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Successful, Single, and Dating Part 6 | “Now Every Little Thing That We Do Should be Between Me and You…”
gerund or present participle: oversharing
  1. reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one’s personal life.
Over the years some of my friends and peers  have said that social media ruined some of their relationships.  I come from the Facebook generation so I can say from experience that it has changed a lot since inception.

I’ve been perusing social media lately and though I am happy for each and every one of you I do not understand when we became the generation of over sharing. What happened to keeping things sacred? Is there no such thing as privacy anymore? What happened to keeping things between you and the person that you are dating? Maybe I am the one who has it all wrong.

I am going to let you in on a secret…ladies….yes ladies because you are the largest culprits, the men said they do not like it. They just let you do it because….well I really do not understand them not expressing their true feelings but that is another story for another day.
I just feel like there is no longer that element of surprise. Men that I date, they can follow me for a few days and then BLOCK. Yes you heard me they get blocked. You do not get to just see me whenever you want to see me and then you are good; that is not enough. If you want to see me then you better old fashion your way into seeing me. YES. Pick up that phone and call me and then we can both decide on whether or not we are available on a certain date and time to meet at a certain place.
I have not always had the correct formula but I have never overshared any of the “relationships” that I have been in. My friends do not need to know when we are sleeping, eating, driving down the street to whole foods. TEAM TOO MUCH.
I want everyone to be truly happy and realize that your experiences are your experiences and they are real whether you have shared them on social media or not.
Not posting everything on social media could lead to stimulating conversations, more physical contact, spontaneity, etc. Try keeping the relationship off of social media for a while and see what changes between the two of you.
I do not like to broadcast every high and low. I do not have to keep my partner a secret but privacy is really an amazing thing.
You do not have to convince the world that you are living life.
– KP
Keriki Purkiss

Keriki Purkiss is a wine lover, foodie, lifestyle, heath and fitness enthusiast from Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for Sweet Candor TV since 2014. Keriki currently resides in Richmond, VA.

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