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A few weeks ago I decided to rid myself of the clutter in my life. Not just things, but impurities in my body, rubbish in my mind, and stuff in my home.
Stuff in my body:


The holidays, at the end and beginning of the year always take a toll on my diet and exercise lifestyle. The best thing to do to get rid of impurities in your body is to detoxify. Detoxification removes toxic substances from your body. “Toxic” is extreme I know, but that is how I define the bad eating that I do throughout the holidays….toxic. For one week prior to heading back to my normal diet and exercise I do the following:


1) I drink one gallon of water everyday.
2) I drink a glass of green tea in the morning, at noon, and at night.
3) I eat a paleo diet that is comprised of mostly green vegetables.


Works like a charm every year!


Stuff in my mind:


I consider myself a spiritual and very grounded person. However, I am human and I am still learning how different things can mentally affect me.  I decided, right before Christmas that I needed to purge things out of my life that were causing a distraction; things that were taking me further away from God and what I believe to be a happy experience on this earth. I started by distancing myself from people who I knew were not right for me; people who I felt were placed in my life to teach me a lesson but did not deserve a permanent place.  Then I started to clean up some of my social media which is still a work in progress but I have made tremendous strides. A lot of stuff we posted on social media in the past or a lot of our followers or friends may not define who we are right now so I think it is worth it to periodically do a clean up.


I  think that you will feel so much better after this particular purge because stuff in your mind can be very overwhelming and can affect you in so many negative ways.


Stuff in my home:


I’m not sure what made me do it but I woke up one morning and started staging piles near the front door of my apartment. These piles were marked give away or throw away.


Now, I had to get really serious about getting rid of clutter. I had to ask myself some questions: when is the last time I used this item? Is it a part of my current style? Does it fit? Will I use it within the next 7 days? Will I benefit more from it than someone else? The list goes on. If I couldn’t figure out when or why I bought it or determine when I was going to use it again, it either got donated or thrown away.


For three days in a row I loaded the back of my truck, seats down, piled high with containers and bags filled with clothes and STUFF that I was never going to use again and I headed to Goodwill. Yes I said I made three trips to Goodwill. After my last trip to Goodwill I headed to the dumpster and tossed tons of other STUFF.


These material things that I had in my apartment were making me feel like the walls were closing in or like I was holding on to memories that I really wanted to forget.
I feel so much better now. I’m no longer stuffing clothes into my drawers hoping the drawers will close. I am no longer suffocating everytime I enter my closet because I can actually see what I have. Lastly, maneuverability within my apartment is better than before.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. You are meant to enjoy life and you are meant to be happy.  However, if you realize that you are in a funk of some sort, maybe something needs to be purged.


– KP





verb: purify; 3rd person present: purifies; past tense: purified; past participle: purified; gerund or present participle: purifying
remove contaminants from.


“the filtration plant is able to purify 70 tons of water a day”


synonyms: clean, cleanse, refine, decontaminate;
filter, clarify, clear, freshen, deodorize;
sanitize, disinfect, sterilize

“trees help to purify the air”


make ceremonially clean.

“a ritual bath to purify the soul”


synonyms: purge, cleanse, unburden, deliver; More
redeem, shrive, exorcise, sanctify

“they purify themselves before the ceremony”


extract something from.

“genomic DNA was purified from whole blood”

Keriki Purkiss

Keriki Purkiss is a wine lover, foodie, lifestyle, heath and fitness enthusiast from Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for Sweet Candor TV since 2014. Keriki currently resides in Richmond, VA.

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