No Faux Pas With This Faux Rug!

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Want to add a little flair and originality to your home?  Hit up your local fabric store or Super store and buy some fabric to make a homemade area rug or blanket.  I bought some faux alpaca fur and use it as an area rug in my living room but it could also double as a great blanket. It’s super comfy and no one I know has one like it!

Tips:  Use a simple stitch or buy some fabric glue (they make some specifically for preventing frayed edges) all along the outside of your new blanket/rug so you don’t end up with the ends coming apart.

Nothing like sinking your feet into a thick, plush rug…or taking a nap on one…

See? MMMM. Comfy! 😛

Jessica Tozzo

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