My Journey to Food Network!

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It has been almost a year since I applied, after much coaxing by my close friend and fellow Sweet Candorette (yeah, I made that up) Enesha Stringer, for an amateur cooks competition show for Food Network. I just heard back and am on to round two! Suffice to say, I am very excited. They are requesting higher quality photos and a video. More details to come. My original submission is posted below, for any who care to see. XD

Name: Jessica Tozzo
Occupation: Grocery Shopping and Budgeting for Sur La Table at Phipps Plaza, official title is Kitchen Assistant and I ocassionally assist during culinary classes (like a T.A./teaching assistant).

My cooking skills: It took me a little thought, turning this question over in my head before I could answer…I was a very sheltered child and, while I considered myself a pro at bisquick pancakes when I was 7, I was seldom allowed to assist in the kitchen otherwise. My father had me help with eggplant parm, escarole and beans, and other old school Italian favorites for the holidays but I didn’t start cooking and teaching myself the basics until I was in my second term of college and got my first apartment. What are my cooking skills? I am a home cook who fills her food with love and passion. My experience is less technical and more about doing than learning from books and science. I get more out of feeding others then I do from cooking for myself. I am mostly self taught and would like the opportunity to learn so much more.

Why do I think I have what it takes to win? I have worked in the food industry a lot, from what I do now to food prep, sauce making, and more. If I get the opportunity to be on the show, I’ll give it my all. One of my best friend’s tests me on random food item combinations and I can always come up with something to make. I don’t have to win, I just want a chance to “play the game.” More than anything, I’d just like the opportunity to try my best and further my career in the culinary arts and possibly education. But even if nothing else comes of this, I think it would be a great experience and I hope I can help entertain the Food Network audience.

Jessica Tozzo

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