You May Not Be Ready, But Do It Anyways: Go Forth & Grow



So as I’m writing this, the newest iPhone update has been released and utilized by the masses for over a month now. I, on the other hand, have yet to commit to a decision that will change my phone into something unfamiliar even though the outcome would include me growing to accept and embrace my newly updated phone. I mean let’s face it…there’s a learning curve and who really has time to figure out all of the new features? Aside from one being weary of a phone update, there could be a lesson to learn from not being totally receptive to change. Change isn’t totally terrible especially considering the amazing by-product: growth.

“…It’s like any growth. You can’t be ready for it because it’s growth. It’s going to be new. You’re going to have a new life. You’re going to be a new person.” That part of the conversation between Jerry Seinfeld and Wale during the recording of Wale’s fourth album entitled The Album About Nothing and more specifically from one of my favorite songs (because I’m a sap of course), The Matrimony, acts as a very timely reminder every time I play that song (side note: I only play it during my reserved times of the month where I allow myself to be in my “feels”).

“You can’t be ready for growth because it’s growth.” Truer words have never been spoken. Okay, a little melodramatic but seriously, growth happens in the most awkward of times.

Growth happens in the midst of you not having your “ish” together.

Growth happens when you choose a well-balanced meal of wild Alaskan Salmon,
quinoa and kale over a well-reviewed, juicy delectable burger.

Growth happens when you decide to let someone into the flow of traffic, even when you’d rather not.

Growth happens when you do what you’re not ready to do. So whether it’s
• An overdue change of career
• A serious shot at an unfaltering dream
• Taking the next step in your romantic relationship
• Taking the first step in a sometimes exciting but an all-the-time stressful dating scene
• Exploring what spirituality is to you
Just know that you can’t dictate how it’s really going to go. All you can really control and be a master over is your willingness to receive whatever growth is meant for you out of that situation. You have to be willing to challenge yourself, as that is a major key ( thanks Khaled) in maturing and growing.

There will be times where you must question your circle of friends. Allow that.
There will be times where you question your purpose in life. Allow that.

Allow for the YOU that YOU hope to be one day, exercise itself in the very fibers of your current being because stepping into your inevitable greatness, WILLINGLY, will not be paved smoothly. It’ll be rocky, it’ll be rough and it may even knock you down. Allow that. “You’re going to have a new life. You’re going to be a new person.”

Now go forth my beautiful people and intentionally grow.


P.S. I thought to use the image of the tree with the spirals because it is a perfect symbol for the take away message of this piece. Spirals symbolize the universal pattern of growth and evolution. While trees can symbolize different concepts and ideas, I like to hone in on wisdom and strength for this piece, as both are reaped during our beautiful growth process.


Raised as an army brat, Asia has been blessed with a broad perspective of the world. Filled with wanderlust, she explores all opportunities for positive self growth.

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