#BlackWomanDidThat: The American Dream

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#SweetCandorTV had the opportunity to sit down with mother, entrepreneur, and business owner Awa Diop to discuss her new Original Shea Butter House opening in the Atlanta suburb, Sandy Springs.

Awa, is originally from Senegal, Africa. She moved to the United States 13 years ago in hopes to have the “American Dream”. While Awa is very successful, she tells SweetCandorTV she has more grinding to do before she reaches that point.

Awa has a set of 9 year old twins that were diagnosed with autism. However, Awa fought through her adversities and allowed her sons to be her inspiration to become the thriving business owner she is today. Alas, we have the Original Shea Butter House.

During our discussion, Awa informed us how she never thought she would continue the works of her Grandmother back in Senegal but recognized once she moved to America that even thousands of miles away her African roots are still flourishing.

Awa’s grandmother and the other women of Senegal were the ones who taught Awa of the benefits of Shea butter and how to create all types of beauty products from the natural Shea Nut. Not only does the shea butter help cosmetically, but is even used to sooth sprains and strains, relieve skin conditions, and is an effective nasal decongestant.

Awa wanted to keep her grandmother’s trade alive without losing any of the quality behind it. She has searched through hundreds of retailers that import to America. Through her search, Awa was able to locate one that is just as pure as the shea butter processed in the motherland.

All of the products sold at the Original Shea Butter House are created with 100% unrefined Natural Shea Butter products – which contain No synthetic preservatives, GMOs or petroleum. Just like the Shea butter Awa was raised on.

Awa is an inspiration to us here at SweetCandorTV, and we will definitely be checking out Original Shea Butter House because #BlackWomanDidThat

Awa Diop

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