7 Quick & Easy Ways to Reset Your Wellness

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I don’t have to tell you how relentless life can be.

Commitments here, worries there…nonstop stimulus and constant demands can wear your mind and body down and make it hard to do the things you need and want to.



Everyone deserves a break and you don’t need a ton of time or money to take one.  Utilize one of these mini health tune-ups to feel revived, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world!


Eat a clean, protein sufficient, meatless meal for lunch.

What we eat plays a major role in our energy levels and mental clarity. Instead of having a heavy meal (and good ole gripe session) with your coworkers, try eating a light, nutritious lunch on your longest workday and give yourself a natural burst of energy rather than the weighed down feeling that can result from more indulgent midday meals.

Plus, meatless meals can be very thrifty.  Try tacos with sautéed veggies & black beans on whole wheat tortillas, veggies & marinara sauce over wheat pasta, teriyaki veggie stir fry over brown rice or Greek salad with garbanzo beans.

Jumpstart your body with a 1 to 3-day juice cleanse.

Just one day is long enough to reap many of the benefits of this bodily reset without a long-term commitment. If you have a juicer (you can purchase one for under $100 from most major retailers), then try a 1-day cleanse from Pinterest. Be sure to incorporate this simple, delicious recipe from #SweetCandorTV’s favorite health food guru, Keriki!  For less work in the kitchen, check out a local or web-based juice shop, like Atlanta-based Arden’s Garden, and buy you some bottles.


Sweat it out in a hot yoga session.

Get the wellness benefits of yoga plus an added detox in this style of the practice which takes place in a room usually heated to 90-105 degrees.  Though you don’t have to be a seasoned yogi to try it out, you do have to be well-hydrated.

You can usually drop in to one of these classes for $15-25 and trust me, you’ll have the best sleep of your life when the session is over.

If you’d rather not strike a tree pose and you have a gym membership or access to a local YMCA, try some sauna time instead.

Abstain from technology for a day.

Media today is EVERYWHERE and can be incredibly toxic. Regardless of the quality of the information you’re receiving, consuming media incessantly can lead to overstimulation, fear of missing out and jealous musing at the highlights of others’ lives.  You can even be affected in ways you may not realize.

See exactly what you’ve been missing out on looking in your phone all day by choosing to abstain from media for a day; magazines, television, Internet and social platforms. You’ll gain some time and head space back to focus on your own life.


Have a 1/2 day silent retreat.

Sometimes what we need most in periods of high stress and demand is silence and solitude. Take your technology abstinence one step further and choose a weekend day to not only turn off the stimulus but also minimize your output.

For about 8 hours either from the time you wake up or before you go to sleep, don’t say a word. Take the quiet time to just be present with yourself and see where you are and how you feel. Journal, dream board, exercise or do nothing at all. This will help you tap into the reasons why you’re doing all the activities that make up the rest of your life, or even help you filter through them.


Treat yourself to a day of pampering.

Have your very own spa day without spending major coin.  If paying for a massage isn’t in your budget, then buy a foam roller for $10-$20 and experience many of the same benefits whenever you want.  Pinterest is full of inexpensive and easy at-home spa ideas. One of my favorite is this lemon rosemary foot soak.

Meditate for 10-minutes.

Super short on time? Feel like you’ll cut the next person who “tries it”?

Take a breather.  Meditate.

Go to your car, close your office door, go into your closet or put your headphones in/on during your bus or train commute and have a brief retreat.

Meditation is an effective reset almost anyone can do daily.  No need to be intimidated by this practice– apps like Calm provide quick, easy-to-follow guided meditations with themes like “Returning to Now”, “Inner Peace” and “Focus”.


Retreat to one of these activities or combine them all in a staycation to get back to feeling your best.

Cheers to your health!

Candice Lovelace

I'm not a biter, I'm a writer for myself and others. In search of self in the daytime with a flashlight.

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