6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Ditch the Clutter

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Alright people, we’re less than a week out from May.  Have you even started your spring cleaning?

If not, it’s okay.  I’m not judging.  I have a few things to do to get my life in order too, which is why I’m sharing the wealth with you.  Did you know that clutter can be bad for your physical and mental health?  Besides the obvious fire hazard, clutter can also be bad for allergies and asthma.

Too much clutter tends to clog the mind causing people to feel “suffocated”, “confused” and completely frustrated.  Such feelings can make it difficult to think clearly, be present, find things and it interferes with everyday life.  Now I’m sure I don’t have to define clutter for you.  You may not know how it got there, but you definitely know what it is. Besides, others can’t determine what clutter is for you, you have to get there on your own.

So once you decide you actually get started, take these tricks of the trade with you.


Your Arsenal:

The rule to spring cleaning is to be decisive. Leave guilt at the threshold and take action. (Remember: uncluttered is for you!) So if you don’t love it and you don’t actually need it then understand that items lease is up and it’s time to evict Hun! So that scarf that was given to you two Christmases ago, yet you still refuse to wear, needs to go. Like, yesterday.

This also includes anything that you wear and feel unflattering in or dread to put on but still have because it’s “good to have”. Say it with me, let go, let flow.

*Disclaimer: Let me be clear, I am not an advocate for dumping sentimental items, family heirlooms, or perfectly good clothing.  That scarf you choose not to wear because it’s simply “not your style” could make another person (who may not have as much as you) very happy. With that said, I highly encourage that you utilize your “to donate” pile more than your “dump it” pile.  

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The Strategy:

Make a pile or designate sections before getting started.  One for items that you either LOVE or need and not willing to depart with (keeps), one for things you don’t love, no longer have use for, or won’t be wearing again (to donate) and one for the dump.

(i.e. that shoe with the broken strap that every time you try them on you can’t get the left shoe to stay on the left foot which is why you haven’t worn them in months and you know it can’t be fixed but you still have them in your closet because “they’re cuuuute!”  Girl, let it go.)

The goal is to ditch the space-hoggers so you will have order and room for new finds.


The Purge: (This process is best tackled when you ask yourself some of the following question…)

Does it fit?  If yes, then consider keeping.  If no, then what’s the solution? Can you have it hemmed or tailored? Are you actually going to have it hemmed or tailored? You decide.  If there’s no way to tailor it (like it’s too small) or you’re just not willing to put in that effort then go ahead and bless someone else with it.

Is it faded?  If not, it may be a keeper.  If it’s faded in the right places it may even be a keeper (i.e. jeans). Now if it started as candy apple red and now it’s nearly pastel pink, it’s time to let it go.

Is it stained? If not, well, you know what to do.  If yes, then can the stain be removed or the tear fixed? You may want to consider taking it to a dry-cleaner and ask. Again, if you pass a dry cleaner every day after work and have procrastinated taking this item before, perhaps you don’t miss wearing it after all.

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Put the Seasonal in its Place:

Okay, I know the weather has been a little erratic across the country these days.  But whenever you get the feel that MAYBE just maybe you’re experiencing an actual regular season it’s time to tuck away the clothes you simply can’t wear out, as well as those that don’t go with your spring style (whatever you define that to be).  If you haven’t already, establish a place to store winter/fall clothing and other off-season items. Store summer away but keep it close and accessible (it’ll be here sooner than you know). If you’re using things such as organizers, boxes or tubs, you may want to label them so you will know where everything is when you need it.


Act, Don’t Stack:

Here’s the kicker, you’ve placed everything in sections and the cleaning process is nearing an end.  But the last thing you want is a box (or boxes) full of donation items taking up space. Donations stacked in a corner benefit NO ONE. Don’t procrastinate on this part, take it to your nearest charity, shelter or other drop off center and be done with it.


Clean and Order:

Finally, organize your home to fit your life. If you know every day you need a particular set of items. Make it a point to have a place for those things. Such as your gym bag and fitness pass, place them where it’s easy to access and keep your workout clothes in one place so you can’t use “oh I can’t find it” as an excuse to skip the gym and fall off your fit goals.  Do the same for chargers, thing that you use to relax and other important items.

Sex in the City

You’ll find your days flow more smoothly after you’ve de-cluttered and once everything has a place. And remember, all work and no play will make a person cray-cray. After you’ve spring-cleaned, take some time to relax and de-clutter your mind.

Happy Spring Cleaning !

Courtneii Ciara

A Florida raised Cali-girl residing in Atlanta. I’m a bubbly, free-spirited ambivert with a passion for all things artistic. An artist by nature; a light by choice. You can find me somewhere between a stanza and a melody. Be light, be love, be you.

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