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10 Daily Rituals for a Healthier Body

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Many of my Instagram followers have asked me for recipes, rituals, health tips,  etc. so I really want to share a few daily rituals with you and hopefully you will incorporate some of these or even find your own.

1. I take two shots of pure kale juice

Kale can lower cholesterol, increase your iron, strengthen your bones, aid in digestion, promote weight loss, promote healthy hair and skin, and it has tons of vitamins!

2. I drink one glass of warm water with one sliced lemon, one cinnamon stick, one tbsp of Apple cider vinegar, one piece of peeled ginger, 1/2 cup of aloe Vera juice.

Warm lemon water can help with detoxing, hydration, weight loss, clear skin, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, UTI prevention, bad breath, and many others.

Cinnamon is high in antioxidants, fights diabetes, protects dental health and freshens breath, helps fight allergies, and promotes healthy skin.

Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss, aids in digestion, detoxes your liver, and relieves heartburn.

Ginger relieves indigestion, prevents nausea, cold, and flu, and promotes healthy hair and skin.

Aloe Vera juice contains many vitamins, assists with detoxification and digestion,  and lowers risk of heart disease.

3. I eat breakfast every morning!

Not eating breakfast can make you want more carbs later in the day.

Breakfast fuels your body and helps you make better choices throughout the day.

4. I wash my face with a warm clean white wash cloth every morning and night (I have about 20 of them that I wash or throw away every week)

5. I take B12 vitamins and Vitamin B Complex

B12 boosts energy and promotes emotional stability.

B Complex boosts energy, aids appetite regulation, promotes mental acuteness, promotes healthy vision and skin, aids in food metabolism, aids the digestive system, produces red blood cells, promotes healthy hair and nails, and many other benefits.

6. I try to eat or drink a green vegetable with every meal.

Depending on which vegetable you eat/drink it may, have multiple vitamins, aid in digestion, have lots of antioxidants, flush out excess acids, be great for your blood, and many other benefits!

7. I do some form of exercise.

Exercise benefits include longevity, good health, strong heart and bones, mood improvement, relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, combats many health conditions and diseases, strengthens and improves immune system, boosts confidence, sharpens memory, and helps control addictions.

8. I sit on the couch and sleep in the bed.

I read somewhere that you should differentiate between where you watch tv, read, eat, sleep, etc.

I don’t watch television in my room and I try to make it as dark in my room as I possibly can when it’s time for me to go to sleep.

I try to sit up when I’m eating and I try not to carry any snacks or liquids to my room other than water.

9. I meditate and do yoga.

Life can really get you down sometimes but you just have to find what calming mechanisms works for you.

I started meditating last year and doing yoga a few years ago and it really calms me when I’m feeling low.

10. I drink green tea

Green tea has numerous antioxidants, promotes healthy skin and healthy hair, promotes a healthy heart, and helps prevent cancer.

Being healthy on the inside can help you to be healthy on the outside.

You’ve always been handsome and you’ve always been beautiful. Now you’re just deciding to be healthier, fitter, stronger, and faster.

Remember that!

Keriki Purkiss

Keriki Purkiss is a wine lover, foodie, lifestyle, heath and fitness enthusiast from Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for Sweet Candor TV since 2014. Keriki currently resides in Richmond, VA.

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