Usher Returns to Georgia State with Words of Wisdom

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On April 13, 2016, Atlanta’s own Usher Raymond visited Georgia State University once again to deliver words of wisdom to the GSU Panthers and promote the Tidal x Chains movement. Usher was interviewed in front of hundreds of students by a member of the hosting organization, Spotlight Programs Board. The R&B singer discussed various issues within our society.

Among all of Usher’s riveting statements, the concept that stood out the most was his desire for young people to stop and recognize what’s really going on in “reality.” The media has us focused on police brutality, but Usher encourages us to also shed light on those who have been victimized by our justice system. Why do African-Americans “pose a threat” to society? Educating yourself about your history is the first step in facing reality. If Georgia State students didn’t take anything else away from Usher’s brief mentoring, hopefully they now understand that they have the ability of influence, which is exactly what’s needed in order to implement change. “Young people aren’t suffering from a shortage of knowledge, it’s a shortage of interest,” said Usher. Once we’re able to understand our past & the mistakes that we’ve made collectively, we’re sure to overcome them!
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