TV One Premiers Original New Faith and Fashion Based Film “Chasing Waterfalls”

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TV One is bringing Black television back in a major way with its new original film Chasing Waterfalls. 

The film brings TV veterans Jasmine Guy and Tim Reid back to prime time television in a  film that explores the worlds of high fashion and faith.

 Chasing Waterfalls is inspired by the Book of David and features Drew Sidora in her first leading role.

The film follows the rise and fall of Olivia Archer,  a God-fearing woman who  hides behind her faith and is ultimately brought down by her greed and quest for power.

Chasing Waterfalls, is TV One’s third installment of modern-cay adaptations of biblical stories, puts a contemporary and feminine spin on a powerful biblical tale.   TV One’s brand promises to represent all facets of Black culture.  According to TV One’s Senior Vice President of Programming, D’Angela Proctor,

 “It is a modern-day telling of the centuries-old tale of moral seduction, ambition and power reminds us all of what it truly means to have faith.”

Chasing Waterfalls is written by Rhonda F. Barak and directed by Ryan Richmond, Chasing Waterfalls, according the network, “navigates the treacherous, cutthroat waters of the fashion industry while gently teaching viewers about obedience, faithfulness and God’s grace.”

The story follows Olivia ( Drew Sidora), a spiritual, talented and ambitious young designer who exchanges textile remnants from the garment factory where she works for the privilege of sitting in on design classes in the evening. Her days are spent working as a seamstress for Salma Barrie (Jasmine Guy), the cold-hearted owner of a once successful clothing brand that is now following under.  As she jumps at the opportunity to become the new fashion “It Girl,” Olivia must balance her family responsibilities, especially the caring of her wheelchair-bound, recently retired father Quincy (Tim Reid) and troublesome sister Coco played by (Kisa Willis).

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