Om Point with Janelle Monae’s “Yoga”

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Tough week?  Turn on Janelle Monáe’s latest, then grab a mat…or your freakum dress. The song is legit all you need on a weekend. Perfectly poised to carry you from your Saturday hot yoga session straight to the club, “Yoga” is a smooth juxtaposition of the ancient practice and dropping it low in the club. Featuring fellow Wondaland eclectic Jidenna, “Yoga” is a bit of a departure from Monáe’s usual fare (and noticeably more risqué).  The hook bluntly requests:

Baby, bend over.  Let me see you do that yoga.

Soon after asserting her rebel nature, Monae makes it very clear she will do exactly as she pleases, crooning:

You cannot police me, so get off my areola.  Get off my areola.

So…there’s that. Remaining true to the song’s title, Monáe recently posted an Instagram pic of her bad self in an inverted pose with the caption:

“…Find your balance.  Find your center.  Tighten that core and WERK. #YOGA.”


Days later she posted a “yogi inspiration” photo of equally bad fitness phenom Sanaá, BKA @ladydork.

Between the two, if this isn’t enough motivation to hit the mat and fry some, then I don’t know what is! “Yoga” is fresh off Wondaland’s upcoming THE EEPHUS compilation.  If “Yoga” (or Jidenna’s recently released “Classic Man”) are any indicator of what we can expect from the EP, then we’ll be riding hard with this through the summer.

Have a listen here.  Enjoy and Namaste.

Candice Lovelace

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