Nyle DiMarco Continues to Inspire the Deaf Community

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The deaf community has a new role model, and his name is Nyle DiMarco! In addition to becoming the newest American heart-throb, his recent success on America’s Next Top Model and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has elevated his career to new heights and disproved “deaf” as a disability.

Despite what average people think they know about deaf people, Nyle DiMarco is shamelessly proving that the only thing deaf people can’t do, is hear. For most of us, Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model was our first introduction to this blue-eyed beauty and his modeling career. Fortunately, Nyle was able to overcome the challenges of working on a set with people who weren’t able to vocally direct his movements. Though he was assigned an interpreter, it was clear that communication would always be a struggle, but his ability to push through & claim the title of America’s Next Top Model serves as an enlightenment to the world that deaf people can do whatever they put their minds to.

To no surprise, our friend Nyle is good at acting, too. Nyle played “Garret” on the Freeform TV series “Switched at Birth,” a show focused around students in a deaf community. In the show, Nyle breaks out of the shell we saw on America’s Next Top Model in order to seduce Bay, the main character from the series.

Nyle’s most recent success includes becoming the second-ever deaf contestant on dancing with the stars. Prior to landing a spot on the show, Nyle had never danced before! His vlog highlights his journey as a deaf dancer and the unavoidable struggles that come with his newfound hobby. He & his professional partner, Peta Murgatroyd, rely on their chemistry to guide Nyle through the dance steps since he can’t hear the music.

What makes Nyle such an inspiration is his desire to promote the awareness of deaf culture.  After winning the $100,000 modeling contract from ANTM, Nyle invested his time and fortune into The ASL App, which he hopes will bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf communities. Nyle’s corner of the app, called “Sign That! With Nyle,” features +150 for your viewing and learning pleasure.

Thank you, Nyle, for reminding us that being different is beautiful!

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