Meet Swagu Style House: CeeLo Green’s Rap Trio is Ready For The Spotlight

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With a mix of raw talent and a genre-defying sound, CeeLo Green’s new rap trio “Swagu Style House” is ready to take the music game by storm.

The Dungeon family legend has signed a 16-year old artist Medulla and his two life-long friends to Mothership Entertainment, his label distributed through Epic Records. Stranger, Deep, and Medulla have elevated their long-term friendship in hopes of fulfilling a few of their long-term dreams. The talented triad have been embedded in a love of music their entire lives and have wanted nothing more than to share their sound with the world.

The three boys say that they’re “humbled” to be the face of new talent at Epic Records, since L.A. Reid is known for providing his artists with the perfect platform to jumpstart their careers. “We knew what it was from day one,” said Deep. “We’ve always been in love with music and never really wanted to do anything else.”

The soon-to-be rockstars have air-bended themselves into a whirlwind of support after the release of their hit single, “Pick It Up.” The up-beat track features their well-rounded mentor, CeeLo, and has quite the infectious melody. Based on the rhythmic vibe and funkadelic undertones, it’s easy to tell that the music industry veteran had a big hand in song’s production.

Getting to know the inspiration behind the track, you can’t help but appreciate where these guys are coming from. “So this is what happened…” said Deep. “The idea behind the song just came from being creative with a relatable concept. You get into an argument with your girl, or something like that, and you just want her to pick up the phone!”

Soon enough, the conversation ventured beyond music into borders of social justice. If they could change anything in the world, they’d start with the concept of equality. “Since artists have such big voices, they could use them to make a difference,” said Deep. “If they did community outreach, people would actually show up.” Medulla, the group’s instrumentalist, went on to mention DJ Khaled’s snapchat presence and social power. “He can have thousands of people in one area if he wanted to. We should be using that power to teach people something,” he said.

“There are a lot of individual things we can do for our community,” said Stranger, agreeing with the two guys he considers his brothers. “Stop promoting ignorance. Knowlege is power, and they don’t say that for no reason.”

Circling back around to their newborn career, the threesome went on to mention the upcoming release of a second music video to “Pick it Up,” as if receiving +100,000 views on their first video wasn’t enough! “We just want everyone to know that this is only the beginning,” said Deep. “We’re here to stay, and we don’t plan on going anywhere!”

To learn more about these legends in the making, follow them on social media @ThisIsSwagu!

Click here to listen to their music:

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