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“They loving the crew.” It’s an infectious hook sung by The Weeknd. Gone are the days where women call one another “girlfriends.” Although, I couldn’t get enough of the “Girlfriends” BET Television sitcom produced by Mara Brock Akil. So the phrase girlfriends was replaced by the new photo caption featured on your Facebook news feed, “The Crew.” Instead of looking for others to love your crew, you should take the time to show love to your crew throughout the year.

Here are three ways to celebrate and uplift your crew:

Show your love and support.

Do you have a friend who’s an aspiring entertainment artist? Business owner — fashion boutique or restaurant? Become a repeat customer and book your friend to showcase their talent at your birthday celebration, purchase a stylish t-shirt or dine at that swanky up-and-coming restaurant. In my own circle, I’ve purchased a friend’s CD and another’s kettle popcorn countless times as gifts for family and friends.

Be positive when they’re not.

Everyone has a bad day every once in a while. A bad day is when you’re “in your feelings.” Simply stated, you are being led by your emotions. On bad days try your best to think positively. If one of your friends are having bad day — be positive when they’re not.

The road to fulfilling dreams isn’t easy. When your friend reaches out to you sharing challenges and obstacles they face remember to be a listening ear. Speak words of positivity that will help your friend know that they can slay any giants standing in the way.

Celebrate one another’s failures and lessons learned.

Don’t keep your failures from your crew. Nine times out of ten, your friends are harboring similar failures that they’ve experienced as well. When you know better, you do better. Help one another do better! Check out 8 lessons learned from Bey.

At the end of the day, you don’t need others to love your crew. You love those in your crew for who they are and what their friendship means to you. One of the random ways I show love to my crew is to send an inspirational quote, song or scripture their way!

Reservation for 20?

Don’t let social media fool you. People may have 900 plus friends on Facebook but they’re really acquaintances. Let’s be honest… you won’t need to make a reservation for 20 to celebrate with your crew unless you play on a sports team!

Friendships that last through the tests of time are true. Reflect on those in your circle and the friendships that have evolved and remained throughout the years. Quality over quantity is the same when it comes to friendships. Those in your crew are more than likely the same individuals who’ve been there for you during trying times and important milestones in your life.

Drake said, “And really, I like the me that I’m becoming.”

Put some respect on it! Every person has their own journey in life so respect one another’s journey.

Aleta Turner

Ale'ta is a Communications + Special Events Pro. Ale'ta is also an aspiring fictional author and blogger.

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