Chilli Gets Atlanta Active With New Workout Song “Body”

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This past weekend TLC’s Chilli took over Macy’s in Atlanta as she debut’s her new workout single “Body”. While dancing with the crowd, she showed everyone just how easy and fun working out can be. As an entertainer, dance has always been a part of her life, and a large key to keeping her flawless physique.

 “It doesn’t feel like a workout at all,” she told Billboard. “So people will push themselves, especially when you have good music. That’s why when people are working out, they’re listening to their music, their favorite songs. It kind of pushes them along the way,” said Chilli.

At the end of the workout she took a moment to talk to the crowd and challenged everyone to change their diet for two days. That’s 48 hours with no fried food, soda, or alcohol. Take a listen to the single below and start your two-day challenge today!



Naomi Mack is an actress, model, dancer, and tv host in Atlanta, GA. Since a young age growing up in Minnesota, Naomi always had a passion for the arts. Once she auditioned for her first play in middle school there was no turning back. From then on she joined the theatre company at her high school then took a short hiatus while running track and studying film at Kennesaw State University. If she had to choose one thing to do for the rest of her life, it would be to travel the world documenting the lives of different cultures through film to highlight and share experiences with the world. With an extreme passion for food and trying new things, you should never leave a plate around her that you don't want eaten.

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