Meet Atlanta’s Very Own: Hot New Artist Kelechi

It’s always so exciting when we hear quality music emerging from independent artists. I’ll never forget that feeling I had when I listened to Drake’s So Far Gone or Kendrick Lamar’s Overly Dedicated for the first time. It’s like when you were back in school and that attractive new student walked into your class in the middle of the year, just as you were growing tired of the slim pickings. Refreshing right? That’s how I felt when I checked out Kelechi. An independent rapper coming straight from Atlanta, and the most recent winner of the Green Label Sound talent search.

The open call was a nationwide search for the next great musical talent. As the winner, Kelechi was awarded a $50,000 grant to record his project as well as a music video created by the Complex Media team. This past weekend they shot the video right here in Atlanta for his new single “Reachin” feat. Trinidad James. #SweetCandorTV hopped on set of the video shoot and in between takes we sat down to talk to Kelechi about Stndrd, his upcoming album Before the Quarter, and the ideas and motivations behind his music.

On Stndrd:

“Stndrd is my brand, crew, collective, just a group of likeminded individuals. We’re just a group of people who are trying to push the standard of music in Atlanta and further. just push the boundaries of what people think is possible, what people think of our city, what people think of people that look like me . That’s what stndrd is, just pushing the standard forward.”

On Performance:

“When I perform, I make sure the crowd knows that they’re the most important piece. If you give it to them selflessly, they’ll give it back.”

Want more?

Check out Kelechi killing the Friday Fire cypher on Sway in the Morning.

While waiting for the album to drop, here’s the trailer for Before the Quarter.

“Want” from EP Loose Change is the track that won Kelechi the Green Label Sound competition!


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Naomi Mack is an actress, model, dancer, and tv host in Atlanta, GA. The arts, fitness, and food!

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