Angela Bassett to Release a Skin Care Line for Melanin Rich Skin Tones

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A few days ago, via her Instagram and Twitter, one of our favorite actresses announced a new skin care line with her dermatologist and good friend, Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Angela Bassett, who simply just doesn’t age, is releasing Darker Skin Tone at Harrods (in-store and online) in July! This “unique” new skin care line, as she likes to describe it, is made specifically for women with darker skin tones.

As a black woman, hyper-pigmentation and inflammation can and have been a daily struggle.

Hyper-pigmentation is caused by an increase of melanin (a brown pigment that produces skin color) in certain spots on the skin making it appear darker than your natural skin tone. Inflammation is the swelling of the skin because of its reaction to damaged cells, such as acne.

Dr. Sturm says that most product ingredients affect all skin tones, such as the mineral oils and artificial fragrances. With that in mind, they believe that less is more for the skin.  Purslane, a herb, is a key ingredient in each product from Darker Skin Tone. “It works against natural programmed cell death, and that’s the key. So not only do we have anti-inflammation and the evening out of skin tone, but also a big thing for antiaging”, says Dr. Sturm.

Not only does Basset hope that consumers become more aware of what they put on their face, but she wants them to figure out what’s good for it. “I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion,” says Basset.

Darker Skin Tones will include a foam cleanser, an enzyme cleanser, two face creams and a hyaluronic serum, starting at $58.

With so many skin care lines on the market, why not try a new skin care line made specifically for women of color? Fewer, less harmful ingredients, and less preservative sounds like a good deal. Get it while it’s hot and you’ll be sure to say you woke up like this, flawless!

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