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Luke James is celebrating the release of his highly anticipated self-titled debut album, "Luke James." We partied with him in Atlanta, GA and had a blast. He performed several songs from the album and lets just say this man can put on a show! After ending the show he ran back on the stage for an encore!

The album, "Luke James" includes 12 tracks on the standard version and 15 on the deluxe. Some of the features includes the Rick Ross single, “Options,” as well as “Dancing In The Dark” and “Exit Wounds."

Our Host Candi Daniels was able to catch up with Luke James after his performance. The Grammy nominated singer-songwriter has been on quite a journey throughout his musical career from singing back up for Tyrese to opening for Beyonce. But one thing we know for sure is that he gives you everything and more when he hits the stageBe sure to check out our exclusive interview!

Spoken Reasons

Spoken Reasons is the perfect example of what it takes to follow your dreams. We've had the pleasure of watching him grow from a young man in college in Orlando, Fl to a YouTube phenom with over 1 million followers. Now he has another title to add to his resume, Forbes 30 under 30! He is the true definition of #Faith#Consistency, and Hard Work!SPOKEN REASONS has created a massive name for himself as a multi-talented artist and one of the “Young Kings of Comedy.” With nearly over 200 million views and 1 million + subscribers on his YouTube Channel, over a quarter of a million followers on Twitter, and 200 thousand likes on Facebook, he has a loyal following both on and off the world wide web. He’s performed at the sold out, celebrity-laced Shaquille O’neil’s All-Star Comedy Jam in Atlanta as well as at many of the top schools and universities across the country.Growing up in Bradenton, Florida he first discovered his passion for  sharing his thoughts on a stage by witnessing spoken word poetry online. Bit by the poetry bug, he began developing his own style and following. But it didn’t stop there. Realizing the impact that the internet had on his life, he decided to use it as a tool to spread his thoughts and messages globally. He penned the name “Spoken Reasons” for himself because he realized the true power of words, stating, “Everything that comes out of your mouth has a living with purpose.”Keep doing your thing and we will always be here to support you!

Chelsi Henry

Hon. Chelsi P. Henry, J.D., is a conservative Republican on the rise. She ha served as the Supervisor of Soil and Water Conservation District Group 5 in Jacksonville, Florida for 3 years, where she petitioned and advocated on behalf of her community. In the 2010 election cycle, Henry ran and was elected on a platform of bringing corporate, executive experience to her passion for natural resource conservation. Check out her website for more details.


Author, Motivational Speaker, Manager of Spoken ReasonsThrough his popular books like "I am a DOG Because," "Wear Yes on Your Heart," vlogs, podcasts, writing, and public speaking, J. L. Ford uses his experiences, wisdom, and understanding to guide others to better decisions, deeper thinking, and therefore more enriched lives.“Smart is learning from our mistakes; wisdom is learning from those of others.” –J. L. Ford


J-DASH sits down with #SweetCandorTV host iCandi and gives us an exclusive look in to his life. He shares his musical back ground, transitioning as a musician to rap artist, his musical influences, and how he wants to change the game! He also discusses the success of his hit record WOP!

Leigh Bush

#SweetCandor TV host Candi Daniels had the exclusive opportunity to to sit down with National recording artist Leigh Bush formerly known as SAMMIE. We all know him for hit songs "I like it" "Crazy Things I Do" and many more. During our one on one interview he discusses Leigh Bush which is an expansion of the Sammie brand, new music, and what we can expect in the future.This brother is really doing his thing! He is an independent artist that knows the ins and outs of the industry. In other words he is a business man! He writes and produces some of his music and he tries to maintain a well balanced life. He is one of the most down to earth artists I have ever met. He takes pride in being well rounded because he truly knows what it means to be on both sides of the spectrum.Don't sleep on Mr. Leigh Bush because this brother is on FIRE. Be on the look out for the Leigh Bush Project 2 coming soon!

Jada Taylor

#SweetCandor TV got the exclusive chance to sit down with the talented actress Jada Taylor! She got the opportunity to act alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the highly anticipated film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. At 13 years old, Jada has had the opportunity to not only touch people with her talent but also with her service to the community. Check out Jada's Bio and some of the amazing things she's done below.

Jada Alexandria Taylor has been been modeling since the age of 3. She got her start as a "newbie" under the high profile banner of Bronner Brothers. Here is where she met the ultra-gifted, Altanta-based, Multi4orce LLC founder & trainer, Olando Narcisse, thus emerging her modeling career. Since, Jada has gone on to utilize her talents by giving back to her community by gracing the runways for elite organizations such as The March of Dimes, Cancer for a Cause, and The SMTW Foundation for HIV & AIDS Awareness.

Jada has also used her elementary school Beta Club credentials for community services, planting flowers around her school and working to keep her school property clean & pristine. Not only is Jada a model and community contributor, but also a gifted up & coming young actress on the horizon. She has been coaching with TV & Film actor & director Neko Parham for over 2 years. Jada is currently represented by Atlanta & Los Angeles based, J Pervis Talent Agency.

Alongside this beauty and talent, Jada expresses an acute drive for education. In recent years, she received the President Obama Award for high academic excellence, scoring high marks in math & reading for the last 4 years on the CRCT. Jada's other accolades include: Public Service Announcements, The Citizenship Award, perfect attendance, and Vice President of the 4H Club.

Londrelle Hall

Today we #highlight Londrelle Hall, 28 and Ray Mills, 29, who have remained motivated by their mission to change the image of African-American men after the killing of 17 year old Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. For them this mission meant running through five states: Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri in an effort to not run from their problems but, take on the racial problems of America. Growing up in America as a black man isn't easy. The sentencing Project states that, 1 in every 3 black males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life, compared with 1 in every 6 Latino males, and 1 in every 17 white males, if current incarceration trends continue.Londrelle Hall said, "I had a reason to run, not to run from my problems, but to run towards a problem and run for the problems of the world and the problems of America and what's going on now." On Monday, November 3 both young men embarked on this amazing journey. On Sunday, November 23 what was once a distant goal became a touching reality as the men arrived in Ferguson. They ran over 540 miles from Atlanta to Ferguson in hopes of making a difference. This a great example of being the change you wish to see. They were met with an outpouring of emotion as they knelt at the site where Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. “It hurts my heart that our youth think that just because they’re black and young they could be killed in the street at the hands of somebody that was supposed to protect them,” Hall told The Huffington Post on Sunday after arriving in Ferguson. “After Michael Brown, I felt compelled to change the face of the young black man, to show you don’t always have to be gunned down.”Londrelle and Ray we salute you! Continue to be leaders for other young people to follow. You could have easily turned to violence but, instead you turned to your ACTIONS. You're the perfect example of a peaceful protest. You made a national statement and set out to do exactly what you said you would. You've touched so many others along the way. The work doesn't stop here. Let's continue to run for the justice this country so desperately needs. You are officially apart of our Candid Society!

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E.N.D.IT! & C.H.I.L.L

The truth is, “Everybody’s Not Doing it!” But we never hear stories of those few braving societal pressures from their peers. Call it an extreme and rare case of determination or strong-will, Sonia Dupree knows it takes support from the community and education to prevent at-risk behaviors in our teens. Behaviors such as low self-esteem, sex before marriage, drug and alcohol use, submitting to negative peer/media pressures and low expectations requires a program like E.N.D.IT! to help our teens succeed.“The world, through popular culture, is so bold and relentless in planting seeds of destruction for our youth. We can't just keep reading the statistics and shaking our heads, what are we going to do?” Sonia launched E.N.D.IT in Port Saint Lucie, FL as an all girls program in 2010 and two years later created a boys division through leadership, scholarship and community service. Later, she and the teens were able to C.H.I.L.L (Choosing How I Live Life) with weekly summer camp sessions providing fresh media alternatives, trendy modesty fashions, drama performances, and quarterly community service projects.One of E.N.D.IT!’s many success stories includes a girl named *Leah who was being pressured to sell marijuana in middle school by her close circle of friends. Sonia testifies that “after a 4- week encounter with God thru E.N.D. IT!, Leah made straight A's on her first semester report card, had no behavioral issues at school, changed her circle of influence, and uses the cooking skills she learned over the summer to help her grandmother in the kitchen.” Together with its dynamic and committed volunteers, and sponsors, E.N.D. IT! has set course to be a vessel of change for this generation of youth – locally, then nationally and worldwide.Visit to support our youth. Don’t just shake your head in dismay, E.N.D.IT! 

Ainka's Accessories


Check out our interview with Ainka's Accessories CEO, Lamara Davis as she discusses her jewelry line, her first attempt at starting a business, and why she made the choice to unfollow certain instagrams! Watch it to the end to get the promo code for 30% off everything on the site!!!

Ainka's is a women's fashion accessories company with a goal to provide women with fun and unique accessories, specializing in custom Armcandy sets that are sure to stand out! Through social media and a variety retail outlets Ainka's has built an amazing list of clients worldwide and continues to build and expand!

Check out the glam @ 


The Seasoning Bottle

The Seasoning Bottle is a blog I started the summer after I graduated college. I always loved to cook and cooked dinner for my mom before she came home from work. I take pictures of the dishes I create and write anecdotes about food as it relates to life. I would describe my cooking style as a mixture of Caribbean flavors. My goal is to influence people’s understanding in the art of cooking and to stimulate their sense of taste in the process. If you want to give cooking a try, visit my blog!

Enesha Nash

Dream Catchers is a Florida based marketing firm looking to inspire and develop your dreams. Our mission is to catch the goals and dreams of small businesses and non profits by providing organization, resources, and practical tools to accomplish them through creative and strategic marketing.Check out our website and see how we can help you apply practical action items to walk out your dreams. No dream is too big. It’s not a pipe dream if you have a plan!


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