We are the alternative to negative media!

#SweetCandorTV is a positive media digital TV Network. This platform is aimed towards creating opportunities for young people and providing the alternative to negative media. We highlight the latest in positive media and we specialize in delivering the sweet truth!

If you are between ages 16-35, this is YOUR brand! #SweetCandor TV is a platform for you to share your opinions, stories and outlooks. We aim to highlight, enlighten, and change lives through everything we do. As a web based media start-up, we are more than just digital we get up close and personal with our audience through our live experiential talk shows. We literally travel around the country to public schools and colleges creating an environment that allows youth to engage in their conversations about things that matter to them. This is a company for millennials and completely operated by millennials. We have over 30 volunteers across the country that we bring on as writers, correspondents, PR, videographers, editors, etc. Although we have limited funding our team members take pride in working for #SweetCandor TV because we pay them with opportunity. We cover major award shows across the country, celebrity interviews, etc. and put them in a position to gain real life experience to add to their resumes. By doing this, our goal is to be a launching pad to launch successful careers. Our staff range from 15 – 31 yrs old. As you can see, we are the demographic of the audience we serve. We take pride in grooming the next generation of great leaders!

- A Message From Our CEO -

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  1. Hazel Obamwonyi |

    Good afternoon,

    My co partners and I are in the VERY beginning stages of creating a non profit organization centered around Mentorship.

    We are in the process of soliciting marketers, young business owners, and those who have been involved with other non profit organizations to assist us with gathering information on the best way to proceed. We want to start off on the right foot!

    Any advice, contacts, and information you can provide in regards to your services would be appreciated. L


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